Smiling Metal Sun Wall Decor Bronze

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Category : Metal Wall Art

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Category: Metal Wall Art

Sale Smiling Metal Sun Wall Decor, Bronze Discount Prices Ads and Deals

Designed with the vision of providing an aesthetic charm to your plain walls. It is made up of metal that ensures long time of usage. The rustic bronze finish of this sun wall decor reflects a serene vibe of early morning. At the circular center is a face impression and the wavy rays adds to its ultimate craftsmanship. The design is inspired by sun emitting rays that stunning complement any decor style at ease. Revamp the beauty of your dull walls by adding this artistic enhancement to your decor styles.-Inspired by sun design emitting rays; This metal wall decor showcases great form of craftsmanship that can effortlessly blends with any decor style.Flexible to use: Add it to your living room, bedroom, offices and any place you want to highlight; it is sure to catch everyone's attention in a glimpse.-It measures 35"L x 2"W x 35"H and has a rustic bronze finish. If you love a whole lot, then you will love the retail price on

Smiling Metal Sun Wall Decor Bronze!

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Smiling Metal Sun Wall Decor Bronze.

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Sale Smiling Metal Sun Wall Decor, Bronze Discount Prices Ads and Deals

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